Do you know how to figure out that your plumbing is clogged? That is, besides the obvious sign when your sink and shower start backing up with dirty water.

There are a few ways in which you can catch a clog early on, and this will make your job a lot easier when you try to remove it. The quicker you catch a clog, the less work is required to get the water flowing once more.

One sign to keep an eye out for is when water is draining slowly. While there could be other issues that cause this to happen, it is a good early indicator that a clog is forming.

You can also pay attention to sounds that your plumbing system makes when a sink drains. If you hear bubbling or gurgling coming from other drains in the home, this could indicate that sewer gas and water is being pushed up other pipes when it is draining, letting you know that the pipe is constricted somewhere along the way.

The best way to find these clogs is by using a snake with a camera on it, but you might be successful in dislodging them using a plunger and closing off all other sinks in your home.