​While trees play a huge part in the beauty of our surroundings, do they ever become a problem when situated on our property? This may seem like a strange question as many of us enjoy having trees as part of our landscaping, but what can happen if a tree is very close to our house? What are some possible issues we could face?

One obvious problem that can arise with a tree too close to a building is falling branches and tree limbs. This is particularly likely to happen if the tree is very old or has been damaged. As the tree weakens, branches can fall and damage the roof, power and communication lines or, worse still, injure a person.

It is commonly known that tree roots can cause damage to foundations. There are a number of ways this can happen. For example, if the roots of the tree are big enough, they can grow under the foundation causing it to lift. Also, roots can find their way into already existing cracks in the homes foundations.

Falling leaves and branches can clog gutters which can cause all kinds of issues. The resulting buildup of water or even ice can cause water to start entering into the home

Trees positioned too close to a building can be a fire hazard as a fire could very quickly spread. It is also easier for rodents and bugs to access the home

There are some things you can do if you are worried about a tree next to your house. Have a periodic check over of the tree to determine if it is healthy or not. You may feel its best to have the tree removed if you see that it is dead or dying. Do not remove tree roots as these keep the tree sturdy and securely in place.

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