Out of all the natural disasters that we see these days, few are as fear-inspiring as tornadoes. They might not be as common everywhere in the country, but they can show up with little warning even in areas where you don’t usually expect them. If you find yourself in the path of a tornado, do you know what parts of your home are going to give you the best protection? There are some homes that just aren’t built to withstand the power of a tornado, such as mobile homes, and there are many homes that don’t have a basement, which usually is the best place to shelter.
When looking for a place to shelter, it’s important to think of the stability of different parts of your home. A staircase can be a good place to hide underneath, as can a bathroom in the interior of your home. No matter where you choose to find shelter, you should do your best to get padding around your body, since a tornado will be carrying a lot of debris that can cause serious injury if it slams into you.