For many homeowners, spring brings with it a long list of home repairs and maintenance. Lawns to mow, gutters to clean, landscaping to be done, drainages to unblock, and other home maintenance tasks to do. 

As busy and hectic as that might sound, spring maintenance has to be done. Otherwise costly repairs can occur months or years down the line.

To make your work easier a spring home checkless is often advised. Here are a few tasks  to consider:

  1. Check your gutters. The rainy season is a good season to check gutters. Inspect your gutters for accumulated debris and clean them. And make sure your gutters aren’t leaky or loose.
  2. Prepare your landscape. After a long winter without cleaning your yard will need some work to get it back in shape. Holes in depressions in the lawn might cause water stagnation, so fill them up. Don’t forget to mow the lawn and cut down excessive foliage around the house.
  3. Inspect the foundation for cracks. While not all cracks spell trouble it is important to have any cracks checked out. Foundation experts can help.
  4. Check on your lawn equipment. After a season of hibernation lawn equipment like the lawnmower might be sluggish to start. Changing the gas in the mower is a good way to clean it out and cleaning the spark plugs will help it run efficiently.
  5. Clean vents, filters, drains, and gutters! With all the pollen and dust that comes with springtime, it’s good to start the season up with fresh filters, drains, and gutters.

Having a Spring Maintenance checklist will help you get the job done!