One of the most common costly repairs for a homeowner comes from water intrusion. Water can do so much damage both directly and indirectly to your home, either by damaging the structure or creating a beneficial environment for mold or pests to take hold. Naturally, as a homeowner, you want to make sure that you keep water at bay in any way possible. One of the tools at your disposal to prevent water intrusion is a vapor barrier.

Vapor barriers can be manufactured from different types of materials. Often you will find that it consists of a polyethylene plastic sheet, but it’s also possible that it is made from paper, or even in the form of a paint.

No matter what type of barrier you have, it is very important that the coverage is complete. A missed spot with the paint is just as serious as a rip in the paper or plastic.

If you are installing a plastic sheet over a rough area, it might be worth investing in a thicker material that won’t rip as easily.