When most homeowners think about ways to be more energy efficient at home they think about attic insulation. However, the insulation in the crawlspace can have a dramatic effect on the comfort of your home as well. 

Air leaks can interfere with the home’s comfort. And many of these leaks can be found in the crawlspace. Cracks in the foundation push cold air in which causes cold floors and can even affect the foundation of your home.

For your home to stay warm and comfortable, the crawlspace has to be well insulated. However, unwanted pets can look at the insulation in the crawlspace as a great place to stay warm. They can cause damage to the insulation and shred it up. There are a lot of home issues that can be hidden in the crawlspace. And because not many homeowners venture into this space these problems can go undetected for many years.

Some of the issues that may not be noticed are rotting wood and pest infestations. These kinds of issues in the crawlspace can skyrocket energy bills.

So don’t neglect to inspect this very important part of your home. If the homeowner doesn’t want to take on the challenge of inspecting hire a professional home inspector who can take on the task for you.