Have you considered an alternative heating method for your home? Maybe you feel like your current method is costing you too much money, or maybe it’s a method that is harmful to the environment. If this is the case, there is  a type of heater that uses recycled materials for heating that isn’t too costly. It is called a pellet stove. The pellets for these stoves can be made from materials that would otherwise go to waste, such as sawdust and food scraps. This is a great thing for the environment. They are also easier to store than most other types of fuel.

The one major drawback with a pellet stove is that it uses electricity for its operation, which could be a problem in areas with a vulnerable power grid. A backup generator can be used to make sure that heat is provided consistently.

If you are thinking about installing a pellet stove, you do have the advantage of being able to install it without too much concern about the location, since it doesn’t radiate heat in all directions like some heaters do.