Many fires today from a home can be caused by lint buildup in a dryer vent leaving to the outside of the home. So it’s important that you conduct some preventive maintenance on your vent pipe in order to reduce the chances of lint building up. This article will discuss some ways in which you can do so.

the first thing that you can do is to make sure that you clean your lint trap out every single time that you use the washer dryer. By doing this, you completely take the chances of getting trapped out in the first place, you can’t have a fire without the fuel, so take the fuel out and you will have no fire. Next thing that you can do is use a sweeper to go in your vent, while your dryer is turned off, and clean it out with a Swiffer.

If you weren’t exactly sure how to clean out your vent pipe, call a professional. Or even phone a friend that has done it before, and by doing so, you reduce the risk of injury, whether it be from a cut on the pipe or an actual burn from touching the pipe after the dryer is used, Will help you out in the long run.

I keeping these things in mind you will continue to have a safe environment for your family to live in, and you can continue to dry your clothes and peace.