If you are concerned about what would happen to your home in case of a natural disaster, it is definitely worth it to plan ahead for a worst-case scenario.

Having the area around your home carefully prepared for this can increase the likelihood that your home won’t suffer major damage in case of wildfire, heavy winds, and other disasters. You can employ a method relying on defensible space.

The concept of defensible space is that you should keep debris, plants, and trees away from the area closest to your home to deny a wildfire fuel and remove items that winds can pick up. Usually, this involves pre-defined zones that are kept clear. The distance from your home to which you want to extend it is up to you, but often there will be 3 zones – one extending 15 feet from your home, another to 100, and the third to your property boundaries. The further out you are, the more you can allow for things to grow, but you should still keep an eye on things so that things don’t grow wild and there isn’t a buildup of debris.