Hand-washing and cleaning your home have become essential parts of your life. There is plenty of evidence showing that these are among the necessary things that each one of us must do to stay healthy. Every time you leave your home, you run the risk of touching something contaminated or bringing something home that has been contaminated. This could then easily lead to infecting you and your family. Unfortunately, cleaning chemicals have been in short supply since word of the COVID-19 virus first got out there. If you do have access to bleach, that is all you need though. Bleach can be diluted with 98% water and still be effective in killing the coronavirus, and this is why even a small bottle of bleach will go a long way. It is important however to use it properly. When you wipe down commonly touched surfaces in your home, you should leave the solution sitting on the surface for a little while so that it can kill the virus. It is also a good idea to protect yourself against contamination as well as the harmful effect some chemicals can have on your skin by wearing proper PPE.